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Bee Mee
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A Step by Step Guide to creating your very first Bee Mee performance

Bee Mee
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Bee Mee ⁣is a social platform with AI powered Avatars, initially launching in the music sector, that empowers everyone to share their voice and deliver live, recorded, or virtual reality performances to a global audience.

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Good old Willie Nelson song. Just testing out this cool new program through laptop camera

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cant say that word LOL

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My first attempt at this through my laptop camera.

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Jonsey killing it

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My first go at this. Definitely didn't know when to fold them or run away lol.

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Put on your Daisy Dukes and let's go for a ride.

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Great song but had a tough time syncing. Still a fun song and rightly named "Party Rock Anthem". Song was released by electronic duo LMFAO in 2009 and the album was nominated for a grammy but lost to Lady Gaga's "The Fame". The actual song is much better than the karaoke version so I took some "creative liberty" with it. Hope you had a "good" time and make sure you like, comment and subscribe to get those Buzz Points. Feel free to share this or any of my videos and let's get more people jammin' on Bee Mee. 😎

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My first BeeMee, still figuring it out

Sonny Walkman
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I think I just broke it

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One of my favorite movies from my childhood! What's yours?

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Let your love flow folks

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Rustys Carly kidkball pre game

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having a bit of fun.

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I did this on my laptop and the sound is much better but displays my terrible singing voice. lol. it was fun!!

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Some good ol Waylon Jennings. This one was just done on the laptop without any mic or headphones. Felt like I was singing it in time but on the playback and final rendered product there is a bit of lag and slight echoing of the music...maybe because the recording was picking up the music and my vocals at the same time. But it sure is a fun song to sing :)

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let's be friends
Having a blast with BeeMee

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Never heard this song before and I don't have the vocal talent as Ed Sheeran but tried this 2014 song anyway. It was used in the TV series "Sons of Anarchy". I think I got a bit hypnotized by it and think it is an amazing song. Like, comment, subscribe and get your Buzz Points. 😎

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