Earn with Bee Mee

Buzz Points: a program where users can earn “points” for certain actions and activities. These points will soon be redeemable for a range of items, including, but not limited to BEE MEE Gifts Cards, digital fashion and accessories, karaoke tunes and other music items. For further information on how you can earn Buzz Points, please click on My Account at the top right and select Settings and click on Points in the menu.

Digital Items: users can earn digital items through participation in Bee Mee and Partner promotions. Details on these programs will be found in the “Promotions” tab. Check back often and join our social media channels to keep up to date with everything happening at BEE MEE.

Invitations: Buzz Points are earned when someone you’ve invited registers. The BEE MEE invitation program allows participants to invite one user at a time, using a custom link for each invite. To see how the BEE MEE invitation works, please click HERE.

All users must adhere to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Become an Affiliate!

We’re looking for great influencers, organizations, and Talent to help us grow BEE MEE.

Within BEE MEE, we offer three distinct types of affiliate programs:

Influencer Program: Designed for individuals capable of driving new users and performers to our platform. Influencers serve as referral agents, leveraging their audience to direct their users to us.
Club Program: Tailored for groups sharing common interests with BEE MEE, such as Karaoke Clubs, School Clubs, Music Clubs, Entertainment Clubs, and more.
Ambassador Program: Reserved for individuals, Talent and organizations who formally represent BEE MEE through an agreement for User Engagement. Ambassadors maintain a strong rapport with our business and possess a substantial following, which they introduce to BEE MEE.

Influencer Affiliates receive these benefits:
10% of all net revenue generated by your new users to our platform when users engage through your sign-up page and exclusive links, with opportunities to increase your financial benefits.
We'll shout about our partnership to the world, highlighting what makes our relationship special. Together, we'll create social campaigns that showcase both our platform and your organization and / or club, expanding our joint reach.

Whether your venue is physical or online, we're looking to bring our AI powered Avatars and virtual karaoke experience to your audience.

  • Karaoke Clubs
  • Game Platforms
  • Gaming Guilds
  • Affinity Program
  • Social Clubs

Club Affiliates also get in addition to Influencer benefits:

  • Custom Fan Page showcasing your brand, videos, social links, events and more.

Access to the BEE MEE Affiliate and Partner Network. Each of our Partners bring unique goods and services to the ecosystem and would love to co-market with you. Examples of opportunities the Partner Network brings include:

  • Tokens / Credits – Give users further incentives to come to your platform and engage with your brand through bonus drops, actions, and activities that build value for your brand.
    Promotional Digital Goods and Services - Special, limited edition virtual items that spotlight your club within the virtual karaoke world and your platform.

Ambassador Affiliates also get in addition to our other Affiliate benefits:
The Digital Welcome Incentive Package:

  • Custom Landing Page for new users and displaying sign up rewards.
    Custom Digital Costume sign up incentive - Dress up Avatars in unique outfits that show off your organization's brand and style.
    Buzz Points to Giveaway – Create loyalty and engagement with in-platform reward points that can be redeemed for music, digital items, gift cards, tokens (where applicable) and more.
    Opportunities to promote your brand, music, and more.

  • Each affiliate level necessitates specific qualifications for eligibility. The verification process and criteria will differ across the affiliate programs.

If you're intrigued by any of BEE MEE's Affiliate Programs, kindly reach out to us via email at customersupport@beemee.buzz for further details!


Become a Bee Mee Creator

The exclusive BEE MEE shop alllows users to personalize their avatars and performances. Are you a 3D artist looking for a platform to show off your skills and make some money doing it? The Bee Mee creator program is looking for people like you to create unique clothing and scenes for the BEE MEE Shop. This is a revenue share opportunity you provide the art and we provide the audience and marketplace. Express your interest, and talk to us about style, specifications and requirements for the art by contacting customersupport@beemee.buzz for further details!