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Released in 2011 this song debuted at #52 on the Billboard Hot Country chart and by 2014 was the 3rd best-selling song by a male country solo artist. It also debuted at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100, the highest debut of the week with over 100k copies sold going on to become 8X Platinum. Bryan and co-writer, Dallas Davidson, came up with the song after listening to hip-hop songs. Bryan said the country genre needed more songs about "country girls shaking it". Like, comment and hit subscribe for those Buzz Points & feel free to share any of my videos to help grow this great Bee Mee platform and community.

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Bit out of practice & short on lung capacity thanks to a round with bronchitis but the show must go on ha ha ha. Released in 2003, this song was very popular. It ranked #22 on the Billboard Hot 100, Toby Keith's highest ranking song at the time & it peaked at #1 on Billboard Hot Country charts for six weeks. It was Toby Keith's 11th #1 single, Willie Nelson's 23rd and was certified platinum. Being the 80th anniversary of D-Day, I dedicate this song to all those around the world, throughout human history that have fought for freedom, justice & democracy. Like, comment & subscribe for your Buzz Points. Feel free to share any of my songs to help let others kniow how fun Bee Mee is.

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A good old George Jones country tune from 1979.

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I always loved this country tune from Julie not the actress Julia Roberts :) I thought it could make a great duet, so it's fun to sing the song from this perspective and have some cool harmonies in the mix!

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A sweet old country tune from Waylon Jennings - Just because you asked me to

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One of my all time fav Willie Nelson songs. A pretty song that, for me, makes me reminisce about family and friends that have passed on.

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One of the great Waylon Jennings songs, and it's awesome that Willie Nelson makes an appearance on this one too.

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Beutiful song but I nearly snapped my tongue😂

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Johnny Cash

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A classic line-dancing country song from Brooks & Dunn. I may have taken part in a few of these line dances over the years at the local country bar :)

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A light hearted chicken-pickin' / fun pickup line song from the early days of Brad Paisley.

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