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Great song but had a tough time syncing. Still a fun song and rightly named "Party Rock Anthem". Song was released by electronic duo LMFAO in 2009 and the album was nominated for a grammy but lost to Lady Gaga's "The Fame". The actual song is much better than the karaoke version so I took some "creative liberty" with it. Hope you had a "good" time and make sure you like, comment and subscribe to get those Buzz Points. Feel free to share this or any of my videos and let's get more people jammin' on Bee Mee. 馃槑

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Ok, so here's the story. In the early 80's I was part of a 3 man Breakdance crew (Soul System Crew). We performed a lot and even got invited to the Alberta Summer Games to perform. There were very few songs with a good enough beat to breakdance to back then so this was one we used a lot. I did this song mostly for posterity and history's sake (I did do some free stylin' at about 3:15 during the break). The song is about the injustices of the time and the end of the song is how the band get's arrested for no just reason. This was also when rap was just beginning and this band took rap music from the house parties to the social platforms of the time, later developed by Public Enemy and KRS-One. It was #51 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Hits of All Time which was the highest of any eighties release and was the highest ranking Hip Hop song. By 2012 it was the highest ranked Hip Hop song of all time. Not my best song but like I said, I did it to relive the memories. And you thought you were just going to listen to a song lol. That's definitely worth a like, comment and scubscribe. 馃槑

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I guess I'm taking requests now. @XRPcop asked for this song so tried my best. Not sure why this song or if it is politically correct anymore but here it is buddy. It was done In the early 60's by Ricky Nelson and know he wasn't even born yet (I wasn't born yet either). I think I would have preferred Travelin Band by CCR though. Any other requests? I'll do my best to ruin whatever songs you would like me to. 馃槑

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ok so this is getting fun.

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Jonsey killing it