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Vehicle - Ides of March - Sing_Said_Skee

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Well, I went down the rabbit hole in search of an R&B song to sing and came up with this little gem. Released in 1970 it was allegedly the fastest selling single for Warner Bros. at that time. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group never had another hit leaving them one hit wonders. The lead singer did go on to found the rock group, Survivor. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe for you Buzz Points. Feel free to share this or any of my videos and let's grow the Bee Mee community. 馃槑

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KennyB 2 months ago

Not bad. Never heard this before

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Cant_sing_wont_sing 2 months ago

A performance full of energy

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Ghstryder1 2 months ago

I haven鈥檛 heard this song for a LONG time! A gem! VERY well done sir! 馃檶馃徏馃挴馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏馃帳馃悵鉁

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Sing_Said_Skee 2 months ago

Thanks Ghstryder. I had never heard it before. Glad you liked it! :)

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Bulldog 2 months ago

Well done.

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Rubeelycious 2 months ago

Pretty good. Never heard this song before.

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