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Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John - Nickelback - Sing_Said_Skee

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Heard the Nickelback cover during one of the playoff hockey games and was glad it was in the song library. So this is an Elton John/Nickelback hybrid lol. Elton John released this song in 1973 & Nickelback released their cover (with Dimebag Darell & Kidd Rock) in 2003. Elton Jon & Nickelback have both had unbelievable careers so check them out if you want more info. The song just abruptly ends for some reason. Like, comment & subscribe for those Buzz Points & feel free to share any of my videos. Let's get more people having fun on Bee Mee.

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ducthang226 17 days ago

nice song 😘

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RedOne 25 days ago

Getting the action in with Bee Mee & Sing_Said_Skee

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Cant_sing_wont_sing 25 days ago

Great song mate well done

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EJ1000 28 days ago

Great tune, great job!

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Plug_Your_Ears 1 month ago

Good cover! One of my favorite Elton John songs. 🎤🐝🐝🐝🐝

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Sing_Said_Skee 1 month ago

Glad you liked it P_Y_E. Appreciate you watching and for the feedback.

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