Completion Date


UX improvements  2024-01-08 Done
Add Synch controls to align music   In Progress 
Add Camera View to zoom in on face 2024-01-04 Done
Add Headphone Mode to eliminate programmed latency that cancels echo 2024-01-04 Done
Add RPM Account Linking to create a single sign on   In Progress 
Points redemption   In Progress 
Add mic controls on screen 2024-01-08 Done
Add more dances and animations   In Progress 
Enable Song/Scene/Costume store   In Progress 
Sign in with Google   In Progress 
Privacy and Terms on sign up 2024-01-02 Done
BeeMee receipts page   In Progress 
Internal ad system allow users to boost their videos   In Progress 
User now gets 10 points Daily Login bonus 2023-12-19 Done
Added Mass Notification Feature 2023-12-19 Done
Improved Video information Edit Screen 2023-12-19 Done
Added ability to add Playlists 2023-12-18 Done
Added missing Field in General Settings to update About 2023-12-18 Done
Added Filters for song search 2023-12-18 Done
Current Profile Pic and Banner now show in Editor 2023-12-18 Done
Age is now a date instead of a number and a required Field at sign up 2023-12-18 Done
Improve Age Restriction notice 2023-12-14 Done
Fix Watch Video points to only award once per 2023-12-14 Done
UX Improvements 2023-12-14 Done
Added a Redo button on Publish Page 2023-12-14 Done
Restart issue Brave and Firefox 2023-12-14 Done
Safari Compatability 2023-12-14 Done
Share buttons stopped working Bug 2023-12-14 Done
Improve Announcement Banner 2023-12-14 Done 
Launched Holiday promo 2023-12-10 Done
Mobile UX improvements 2023-12-10 Done
Fixed "Stop Video" button restarts song on some browsers 2023-12-10 Done
Fixed Random Videos deleting 2023-12-10 Done
Added 2 Free Holiday Outfits in RPM 2023-12-08 Done
Created how to improve recording quality Tutorial video 2023-12-08 Done
UX Improvements 2023-12-08 Done
Videos Deleting Bug 2023-12-08 Done
Add Notification Alert when points are earned 2023-12-08 Done
Tipping User can "tip" points to a performer 2023-12-08 Done 
Audio Improvement 2023-12-08 Done 
Watch video points 2023-12-08 Done
buffer then lock up - BUG 2023-12-08 Done
Promo Page Holiday contest 2023-12-08 Done
Add 3 New scenes 2023-12-08 Done
Holiday promo Form 2023-12-08 Done
Promotions page date update 2023-12-08 Done
Sound meter on record screen 2023-12-06 Done
UX Improvements 2023-12-06 Done
Add search parameters Genre and Key in studio 2023-12-06 Done
UX Improvements 2023-12-06 Done
Add Tool Tip about headphones as studio page loads 2023-12-05 Done
Remove G (google+) from share button 2023-12-05 Done
Audio Improvement 2023-12-05 Done
Add Earn Page 2023-12-04 Done
Temp Disable sign up/in with Google 2023-12-04 Done
Main Menu UX changes 2023-12-04 Done
Creator Suite UX improvements 2023-12-04 Done
Add a Changelog Page 2023-12-04 Done
Add to cart bug fix 2023-12-04 Done
Improve publish screen UX 2023-12-04 Done
Daily Visit Points awarding 2023-11-30 Done
Notifications text make white 2023-11-30 Done
UX Improvement Points Page 2023-11-29 Done
JS errors on video page 2023-11-28 Done
Audio Improvement 2023-11-28 Done
Help Page Mobile Device UX 2023-11-27 Done
Create Promo Form 2023-11-23 Done
Acquire Points system 2023-11-22 Done
Promotions page 2023-11-22 Done
Unable to upload a video Bug 2023-11-21 Done
Audio Improvement 2023-11-21 Done
Privacy page update 2023-11-20 Done
Need to add script to hard refresh peoples browsers to get latest version after updates 2023-11-20 Done
Categories don't scroll mobile 2023-11-16 Done
Avatar jpegs are not always showing 2023-11-15 Done
Share not working 2023-11-15 Done
Change call to action 2023-11-15 Done
Likes dont register 2023-11-15 Done
Profanity Filter 2023-11-14 Done
make www work 2023-11-14 Done
UX improvements 2023-11-14 Done
Enable Sharing 2023-11-14 Done
BeeMee FAQs 2023-11-13 Done
Cant change status Bug 2023-11-13 Done
Enable SMTP so multi factor and password recovery work 2023-11-13 Done
Help Page 2023-11-10 Done
Update Icon for Creator suite 2023-11-10 Done
Video duration doesn't show properly 2023-11-07 Done
Flavicon update 2023-11-02 Done
Cant publish videos on Staging 2023-11-02 Done
video doesn’t play bug 2023-11-02 Done
Sidebar karaoke cloud logo is missing on points page 2023-11-02 Done
Search does not work on creator studio on live bug 2023-11-02 Done
On the live site I cant expand the menu bug 2023-11-02 Done
Mobile device Quality 2023-11-01 Done
Session doesn't Stop practice 2023-10-26 Done
Thumbnail quality 2023-10-26 Done
Fields Required for Publishing a Video 2023-10-25 Done
Region of Residence required for licensing 2023-10-25 Done
Thumbnail a Required field 2023-10-25 Done
Search bar 2023-10-25 Done
Get Early Access button 2023-10-25 Done
pressed stop record and nothing happens locks site up 2023-10-25 Done
Multiple Select Toaster Bug 2023-10-24 Done
must select song Safety feature 2023-10-24 Done
Search song with autocomplete of local data 2023-10-24 Done
Add to Cart Multiple Times Bug 2023-10-20 Done
Toaster Add Cart 2023-10-20 Done