Using AI to analyze the next potential music hit!

With the ability to filter through millions of songs at the same time and find the ones with the most likeability potential for the identified target market, the Hitlab Music Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) tool is a patented technology that can predict the success potential of new unknown song.
The human brain is wired in a certain way to appreciate certain sound patterns classified as musical attributes. DNA essentially uses a historical database of millions of successful and unsuccessful songs to identify the common sound patterns present in the successful songs of each genre of music based on the top 100 Billboard hits of the past 10 years.
DNA can also be used as a guide for Music production and AI recommendation engines. DNA is the perfect tool for Artists, Producers and Record Labels.

BEE MEE Integration coming soon


  • Predictive Music Analytics: Use DNA to predict hit potential by analyzing musical elements and patterns.

  • Dynamic Playlist Curation: Use DNA to create playlists tailored to player tastes and preferences.

  • Precision Forecasting: Use DNA to strategically focus on songs with higher success probabilities based on analytical predictions.

  • Immersive Game Experience: DNA enhances immersive game and VR experiences with soundtracks that adapt to in-game scenarios and personal preferences.

  • Creator Empowerment: Artists can leverage DNA's insights to create and identify music that deeply resonates with their audience.

  • Personalized Gaming Soundtracks: With DNA, tailored gaming soundtracks ensure a unique, personalized gaming session, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  • New Artist Discovery: DNA can help broaden a user’s musical horizons by introducing them to emerging global artists and talent.

  • User-Driven Artist Collaboration: Users can actively engage in collaborative music creation with Artists within an immersive ecosystem, like the metaverse, fostering creativity and collaboration.