Earn with BEE MEE

BEE MEE is developing select opportunities for all our participants (performers, judges, and viewers) to be able to benefit from onboarding other participants, creating content, and sales of goods and services.


For more details, please read the information below.


Buzz Points – AVAILABLE NOW - an overall BEE MEE program where users can earn “points” for certain actions and activities. These points will be redeemable for a range of items, including, but not limited to BEE MEE Gifts Cards, digital fashion and accessories, karaoke tunes and other music items. Please see our Terms & Conditions and rules for more information.

For further information on how you can earn Buzz Points, please click on My Account at the top right and select Settings and click on Points in the menu.


Fiat – COMING 2024 - participants will have the opportunity to earn real money that will be paid to their PayPal and / or other digital transfer account through participation in our store affiliate program, shared advertising revenue, and some contests and promotions.


Digital Items – COMING 2024 - users can also earn digital items through participation. Details on these programs are forthcoming and participants should check back often and join our social media channels to keep up to date with everything happening at BEE MEE.


Referrals – Invite people to join BEE MEE

The BEE MEE Referral program allows active BEE MEE account holders to invite friends, family, colleagues, and followers to open an account on BEE MEE to create their own content and to vote and comment on other performances.


Invitations – one user at a time (Buzz points are earned when someone you’ve invited registers).

To see how the BEE MEE referral invitation works, please click HERE.


The BEE MEE referral invitation program allows participants to invite one user at a time, using a custom link for each invite. This is ideal for personal and small groups of invitations.


To invite others, first log into your BEE MEE account and click on My Account in the top right. A menu of options will appear. Click on Settings, and then Invitation Links and you’ll be able to create custom, one-time links that you can share with others.


All users must adhere to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Revenue Programs for Participants – November 29, 2023