BEE MEE Integration coming soon


  • The BEE MEE Experience: Can U Sing is joining BEE MEE to offer users a seamless, no download, web experience that empowers users to sing, learn, and compete through AI powered Avatar performances.

  • Flawless Vocal Analysis: Dive into the depth of your vocal abilities with Can U Sing’s AI-driven analysis capturing every nuance.

  • Growth With Every Note: Receive personalized feedback and skill amplification, improving your vocal range and performance abilities.

  • Metaverse-Ready Performances: Sing and perform in the BEE MEE platform and other immersive virtual environments.

  • Anytime, Anyplace Performances: Your stage is wherever you are, offering unparalleled freedom in singing and competing.

  • Community Harmony: Join BEE MEE’s inclusive network thriving on shared performances and future competitions.

  • Spotlight on Talent: Gain recognition in a community that appreciates and celebrates your musical journey.